The Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers is an initiative promoted by Tlantic, with the active participation of  IE Business School, Universidade do Porto, Universidade Positivo, Universidade Católica Portuguesa and the support of Fábrica de Startups. It will take place for the first time between December 2016 and March 2017. 

The main purpose is to enhance the shopping experience:



The goal of the challenge is to explore ideas that will contribute to a better management of the customer relationship and interaction:


  • Customer Relationship Management (interaction with client, systems handling analysis and support of purchasing decisions);

  • New business models for physical store;

  • Constant presence of the store with the client in the different phases of the purchase process (decide, go, buy, move, storage, use, keep and maintain);

  • Integration of the client in the retailer’s processes;

  • Use of mobile during store presence (tracking and push notifications).


The Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers is an international initiative accepting applications from every country.


The Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers will end with an presentation to retailers, investors, academia and media in The Everywhere Store Conference at Universidade Positivo, Curitiba - Brazil, on March, 18. 




2nd & 3rd classified win 

3 months incubation

+ 3 months incubation

at Fábrica de Startups, located in Lisbon, Portugal



 Present at The Everywhere Store think-tank in Brazil. 

The Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers cannot be held responsible for the cancellation, postponing or any change in the contest on any of its phases due to unforeseen causes or in cases of  force measure. 

The Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers reserves the right to exclude, cancel or reject any idea submitted, and/or cancel the participation of any of the teams, or team member, at any given time.

It is for each team to define who holds the rights over the presented and developed ideas and it is each participant's responsability to secure intellectual property rights on their ideas if they so wish. 

 The Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers does not assure originality or protection of the published ideas,  projects or concepts and will not be held responsible in case nay idea is copied, imitated,  or in any way used by a third party. 

 The processing of personal data included in the Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers application form is absolutely confidential. It will only be used for the following purposes: selection, commercial, marketing activities and organization of Retail Startup Awards for Game Changers.